CellDynamics iSrl is an innovative start-up devoted to the R&D and commercialization of lab instruments for Pharma-Biotech companies, IVF clinics and Research Labs.





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    Bologna, April 26, 2017 from 4pm.

    Investor Event @CNR, Bologna.

    CellDynamics welcomes investors at CNR, shows its results and opens its laboratories for visits.


    Chengdu - China, May 22-27 2017.

    CellDynamics opens to opportunities in China - ChinItaly Challenge.

    CellDynamics will participate to the semi-finals of the competition, organized by the Polytechnic of Milan and the China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation, and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Education.



    Bologna, May 25 2017.

    CellDynamics presents at the conference Creativity & Innovation in Biotechnology for New Job Opportunities.

    CellDynamics is presented as an example of integration between traditional scientific innovation and entrepreneurial mindset at a European multiple degree in biotechnology.



    April 26, 2017.


    Bologna, April 26, 2017 from 4pm.

    Investor Event @CNR, Bologna.

    CellDynamics welcomes investors at CNR, shows its results and opens its laboratories for visits

    April 21, 2017.


    Bologna, CellDynamics speaks at Festival della Scienza Medica - Bologna Medicina.

    In the beautiful Sala Re Enzo, in the heart of Bologna, CellDynamics presents its business.

    March 1, 2016.


    CellDynamics is a sponsor of the conference "Enabling Technologies in 3D Cancer Organoids"


    8-9 march 2016

    Molecular Biology Center

    Via Nizza 52, Torino

    November 9, 2015.


    CellDynamics mission to San Francisco Bay and Boston Area,

    October 2015

    Visit and partecipation to:

    Bio Investors Forum San Francisco, Rock Health, Cambridge innovation center, Mass life sciences center, Johnson&Johnson Innovation center, Lab center, Wyss Institute.


    June 26, 2015.



    Bando Startup Innovative 2014-Emilia Romagna: CellDynamics is one of the 21 startups (out of 103) selected for regional funding.






    Single Cell Analyzer


    CellViewer is the methodology of choice to obtain detailed information on dynamic biological processes at the cellular and multicellular levels. By combining fluorescence time-lapse imaging, automated focal adjustments, environmental culture control and microfluidic media exchange technologies, CellViewer provides proper experimental conditions for continuous observations of single cells and cellular aggregates. This application enables the operator to perform sequential protocols using suspensions of single-cells or single-multicellular preparations. CellViewer is designed for observing single cells floating in a liquid medium, but it can be used with adherent cell cultures too.



    CellViewer is a "Lab-on-Chip" platform that allows uninterrupted observations of single cells over extended period of time. The device is based on the combination of optics, electronics and microfluidic technologies together with disposable modules, resulting in a robust imaging tool with minimal risks of contamination of cultured cells.

  • Core Technology

    Possibility to observe a single cell suspended in culture medium:


    • The cell/embryo is kept in a micro‐chamber containing the selected culture medium and desired environmental conditions;


    • The cell/embryo is continuously monitored via an optical system, which detects its position;


    • Intermittent light is used to reduce photodamage by prolonged fluorescent exposure.

    Observation of a cell/embryo suspended in medium:


    • CellViewer continuously monitors the position of the cell;


    • A feedback mechanism within the optical and microfluidic systems adjusts cell position to the desired location;


    • Series of microchannels allow displacement of cells in all directions, with a velocity of 1 micrometer/sec (tested).

  • Applications

    Rare Cells

    Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC)

    The analysis of individual, viable rare cells or cells from enriched/pure populations is critical for the understanding of their biology.

    CellDynamics has undertaken the challenge to develop tools aimed at studying single cells, allowing cell biologists and researchers to advance the field of rare cell populations.

    In Vitro Fertilization


    CellViewer is an innovative application allowing monitoring of embryos cultured in suspension in a dynamic medium that mimics the environment of the fallopian tubes.

    CellViewer for in vitro fertilization allows to:

    • Culture oocytes in suspension

    • Change the culture medium during incubation

    Select fertilized oocytes by monitoring cell division

  • Introducing the CellViewer prototype


    Take a look of the prototype clicking the video below


  • Team

    Luca Sereni


    Luca is the CEO of CellDynamics and serves on its Board of Directors.

    He joins the team willing to lead the challenge and to face new entrepreneurial experience in a fresh and innovative environment, he especially enriches planning, organization, finance and negotiation capabilities.

    Educated both in engineering and business, he started a 20+ year experience in the R&D, moving to Operations and Supply Chain, Management and Business Strategy in a number of different companies and business in Italy and in Europe.

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    Daniele Gazzola

    President, CTO and co-founder

    Daniele is President, CTO and co-founder of CellDynamics. He is the inventor of the technology. Impressive interdisciplinary background in Physics, Biology, Electronic Engineering, Biochemistry and Industrial Research for the Life Sciences.

    Daniele worked in applied research at Brown University (RI-USA), and at Genova and Bologna Universities. His main technical expertise is in instrument development: electronics, optics, microfluidics, biology, software and modeling. Since 2013, he left academia to be fully committed to the CellDynamics Project.

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    Simone Pasqua

    Product manager and co-founder

    Product Manager and Founder. Graduated in Biology in 2010, and MSc in Biology of Health. Through internships at ENEA (Bologna) and at the Department of Molecular Toxicology at the University of Bologna, he gained a good experience in many different laboratory techniques, such as cell culture and microfluidics prototyping.

    He possesses good organizational skills and competences in project management, business development and marketing.

    Since 2013, he is fully committed to the CellDynamics Project.

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    Roberto Montini


    Roberto has 30+ years experience in marketing of Life Sciences products (instruments and consumables) in multinational companies. Very deep knowledge of the Cell Biology market, a solid network of key-accounts and remarkable skills in organization of workshops and seminars are his main strength points. During a period of 10 years as General Manager of the Italian subsidiary of Lonza Biosciences, the Company grew steadily and successfully to become one of the three major players. Strong relationship capabilities with opinion leaders, key customers as well as healthcare and scientific organizations. Particularly motivated to face the challenges related to the launch of innovative products.

    Fausto Berti

    Scientific Development

    Fausto has strong pharma/biotech background coupled with a thorough understanding and experience in drug and device development. Good team worker with recognized interpersonal and management skills. He joined the team keen to bring his experience and network to the purpose of CellDynamics, and keen to share a challenging journey in a very dynamic environment. Pharmacy degree by education, he further developed his scientific background during the PhD in Toxicology. Since 2004, he joined the pharmaceutical/biotech industry where he took different roles within R&D, both in Italy and abroad. Currently he is Senior Executive for a multinational biotech company

    Andrea Quaranta

    R&D researcher

    Andrea is R&D researcher. He has a master in Health Biology and strong background as biotechnologist. He shares the culture of entrepreneurship with CellDynamics team. He has also strong skills in rapid prototyping of microfluidics, 3D CAD design, 3D Printing, CNC, Arduino Programming and biology with focus on live cell imaging.


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