• Product


    CellViewer is an innovative laboratory bench instrument designed for continuous observation of floating cells suspended in a liquid medium.

    It is a Lab-on-a-Chip platform and it skilfully combines optics, electronics and microfluidic technologies to create a robust imaging tool to culture and observe cells in a contamination risk-free environment. The microfluidic system gently controls cell stabilization for imaging purposes and permits to change media and to expose cells to growth factors, pharmacological agents or even viral infections.

    By combining fluorescence time-lapse imaging, automated focal adjustment, culture media control technologies, these operations can be performed with minimal stress for the cells. This allows identifying and studying cellular responses to external stimuli, getting valuable insights on dynamic biological processes at cellular and multicellular level.

    These features provide perfect experimental conditions and make CellViewer the perfect tool to perform protocols using suspensions of single cells or single multicellular preparations for a wide range of applications: from basic research, pharmaceutical in-vitro testing and to in-vitro fertilization.

  • Team

    We develops innovative technologies and solutions to serve and support research and medicine by making them more reliable, cost effective and safe, for the good of all mankind.

    Daniele Gazzola - CV

    President, CTO & Co-Founder

    He boasts an impressive interdisciplinary background in Physics, Biology, Electronic Engineering, Biochemistry and Industrial Research for the Life Sciences. Daniele worked in applied research at Brown University (RI-USA), and at Genova and Bologna Universities. His main technical expertise is in instrument development: electronics, optics, microfluidics, biology, software and modeling. He is the father and inventor of the CellViewer technology.

    Luca Sereni - CV


    New entrepreneurial challenges have always motivated him. He is now contributing to the management of CellDynamics with his planning, organizational, financial and negotiation skills and capabilities.

    Luca has a background in both engineering and business, with more than 20-​year experience in R&D, Operations&Supply Chain, Management and Business Strategy acquired in different Italian and European companies.

    Simone Pasqua - CV

    Product Manager & Co-Founder

    His educational background in Biology and a MSc in Biology of Health have granted him deep knowledge of live cell imaging applications, of advanced research and diagnostic imaging technologies in the fields of Microfluidics, Hematology, Circulating Tumor Cells, 3D cultures, In-Vitro Fertilization. Simone can count on excellent organizational skills and competences in project management, business development and marketing. He is able to understand the market needs and coordinate R&D team for the continuous improvement of the product.